Mxjo imr 18350 700 mah 10 5 a

MXJO IMR 18350 700 mAh 10.5 A

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MXJO IMR 18350 700 mAh 10.5 A Flat Top Battery

Brand: MXJO
Size: 18350
Chemistry: IMR
Nominal Capacity: 700mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Discharge: 10.5A Pulse
Positive: Button/Nipple
Protected: No
Rechargeable: Yes
Dimensions: 18.24mm x 35.43
Weight: 21.1g.


-Do not over-discharge/overcharge, if allowed to drop past2.5 volts, chargers will no longer be able to charge these batteries
-Recharge empty batteries (resting voltage ~3.6V) as soon as possible
-Leaving LiIon batteries in discharged state will incur irreversible damage (capacity / cycle loss)
-Do not short circuit (will release tremendous current)
-Do not dispose of in fire

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no sales of lithium battery outside Switzerland !!!

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