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Ud 1

Youde Cool Kit With 10-in-1 Multi-functional Tools

UD Cool Kit is a all in one kit  from Youde, which comes with 10 useful tools (16 parts) . Very convenient to use, one single kit meets all your DIY needs. Good choice for DIY fans!

Cool Kit:

1. Cutter Plier
2. Ceramic TipTweezers
3. Phillips screwdriver A
4.Medium flat bladed screwdriver
5. Bottleopener
6. Larger flat bladed screwdriver
7. wood/metal file
8. knife 9. scissors
10.small flat bladed screwdriver
11.Φ2.0coiling Pole
12. Φ2.5 coiling Pole
13.Allen Key
14. Phillips Screwdriver B
15.Φ3.0 coiling Pole
16. Φ3.5 coiling Pole(including one cool kit + samll bag) 

Ud cool kit with 10 in 1 multi functional


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